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Zaena x Jason Maek are releasing a lot of new music in 2019. Every 1st & 15th of the month, the duo is dropping a new song and music video. ‘Freshman’ is the first single from this hyper release schedule.

Directed by Jason Maek, the music video for ‘Freshman’ keeps it simple and features softly lit black and white shots of Zaena interspersed with Jason Maek interchanging throughout several backgrounds. The lyrics articulate the dynamics of young love. The hook details the story of two individuals who meet at a party and instantly connect. They eventually go home together and share their first intimate experience.

“Jason did an amazing job on this one. I am not a sex-symbol so I would never try to relay that on camera. I am the girl next door who loves video games, stuffs her face with cheese fries, plays basketball on Thursday’s, and enjoys a fancy pair of shoes from time to time. I feel like I got that across with this.”


“Sexy without being sexualized. That is what we were going for. We wanted to be fun and dynamic. The key was to let Zaena be herself and show the confidence she exudes.”

Jason Maek

The duo continues to show their musical growth as ‘Freshman’ features notable stylistic differences from their previous three singles. After hitting over half-a-million views on their last three music videos ‘Get To Work’, ‘Get You Right’, and ‘Nice To Meet Ya’, and wrapping up a sold-out tour, Zaena x Jason Maek are placing a focus to release as much content as possible.

‘Freshman’ is available on YouTube, Spotify, and all other streaming platforms.

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