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R&B icon Olivia and global music sensation KiDi are joining forces for a scorching summer anthem, “Solo.” Bridging different musical traditions, this duo has conjured an enchanting blend of compelling rhythms and catchy melodies. 

In a showcase of cultural pride, Olivia performs in her native Jamaican patois, bringing authenticity and vibrancy to the track. Her lyrics, celebrating her heritage, add another layer of depth to this melodious collaboration. KiDi’s dynamic melodies amplify the song’s allure, creating an irresistible vibe that’s perfect for the season’s heat. 

“Solo” is the result of a harmonious blend of creativity, where culture and artistry intersect seamlessly. The strategic partnership between Akeju, Prime Music Partners, and Sha, from Liv Lavish Productions, has nurtured this dynamic collaboration, resulting in a track that feels both fresh and familiar. 

Destined to be a global summer anthem, “Solo” is set to fill dance floors and feature prominently on playlists with its infectious energy. 

“Solo” is available for your listening pleasure on all major streaming and download platforms. 

Listen to “Solo” video here: LINK 

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