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We Are Atlantans song is the shorter remix of Atlantans song for an aspiring hip hop, acoustic, cinematic orchestra beat with some RnB, timbre energy vibe that highlights lyrics history written by Nichel MOLIAE. The We Are Atlantans song has the allure of Atlantis to Atlantan, the ATL Atlanta vibrating on the concept of your success – if you are ready for it, powerbreakers and powermakers type of energy, and feeling great about contributing to the upliftment for others and oneself of the collective that is in their own creativity of their divinity.

About Nichel MOLIAE

Nichel MOLIAE is new music artist with a flare of authentic lyrics synergy that moves the soul to remember the good times when love was divine from her divine storytelling and musical lyric writing as well as her remixes of her music with her first album release forthcoming. Nichel is the host of podcast show “Nichel Anderson Short Stories And Beyond” of her love of Ancient Egypt and Beyond with bombastic and rhythm hip hop beats unique of a symphony compilation on the journey of love, courage, and purpose. In her pursuit to turn her Egypt book into a feature film, the music avenue and PMTR NFTs all apart of working on her current first album that she has released “When Love Was Divine”, “You Know Me”, “Kingship”, and at this print “Atlantans” vibrating on Atlantis, ATL Atlanta energy and the shorter remix of it with “We Are Atlantans” on May 24th that all will be of her forthcoming album.

You can follow and learn more of Nichel MOLIAE;
Twitter: MOLIAE