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September 2020 – Trey Dilla is a perfect example of an artist who doesn’t rest on a bed of laurels. Instead, he is always keen on setting the bar higher and pushing his music forward. The sound of his most recent studio work, Look Up, is actually a perfect example of what I am talking about. What makes this project stands out is definitely the fact that it is arguably made with passion and personality, giving the song a spontaneous and personal vibe. The melodies in the background are sparse and atmospheric, perfectly contrasting the punchy beat and the upfront vocal style. If you like the sound of artists like Wu-Tang Clan, Run The Jewels and Nas, this one will certainly not disappoint. Ultimately, Look Up stands out as a perfect calling card for the artist, and a juicy introduction to Trey Dilla’s music. This is an artist with something to say, and a motivation to spread his music to a larger crowd. Find out more about Trey Dilla and check out Look Up, which is currently available on the web. This release can be found on various online music streaming platforms as we speak.

Twitter: @Dilladagift
IG: @Dilladagift
FB Page: Trey Dilla