The new video for “Silk Pajamas” has TMG Fresh sharing another glimpse into the good life, but the song’s lyrics show the more troubled thoughts he experiences even when surrounded by luxury…

But despite lamenting the superficial side of being surrounded by wealth and beautiful models, the video for “Silk Pajamas” is never short on opulence, as the scenes shift from a hangar of luxury cars, to the breathtaking interior of his private plane.
Filmed inside the Chino private jet airport, the visual was inspired by the late great Hugh Hefner. As Fresh explained in a recent interview,“I wanted to use an iconic aspect of the Playboy legacy and flip it. There’s this epic old video clip of Hef pulling up to the Playboy jet, surrounded by Playboy bunnies… we wanted to recreate that feeling.” 

Is ‘Playboy Fresh’ searching for a new way of life, or will the fancy cars, planes and bad ones keep his Playboy identity thriving??
Keep up with TMG Fresh here to find out —> @TMGfresh

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