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The new video for “Lights Low” has TMG Fresh opening up to his gorgeous therapist about the pain he feels despite his life of luxury. But by the end of the video things get a little…unprofessional. 

Another solid offering from Fresh’s Silk Pajamas EP, “Lights Low” paints a picture of the troubled Playboy Fresh, looking for love in a sea of beautiful faces: It’s such a crazy game / Give your whole heart for a little taste of fame. But instead of soothing his mind, it looks like this therapist wants to add her name to TMG Fresh’s list of conquests!

The visual for “Lights Low,” produced by Fresh’s own TMG Films, starts with the rapper pouring out his heart on a therapist’s couch. But while Fresh laments about the painful side of his lavish lifestyle, his therapist slowly undresses and…you’ll have to guess what happens next! 
Peep the official video above to find out and hear “Lights Low” and the rest of TMG Fresh’s Silk Pajamas EP below.

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