“Keep On Fighting”
Director/Writer: Ronyai Hawkins
Editor/Videographer: Josue Velez
Videographer: Maury Lambright
Cinematographer: Argelia Campos
Songwriters: Ronyai Hawkins and Dexter Eldmire

Cast: Dexter Eldmire, Crystal Black, Argelia Campos, Rolando Wharton, Mariam Mansour, Raphael Ortiz, Andrew Dozier, Chase Rangel, Terrell Hope, Dujuan Cole, Caisey Cole, Aleathia Dupree, Alondra Woods, William Smahylee, Terrence Mitchell, Riley Casimir, Xavier Casimir, Maxwell Casimir, Harrison Gettings, Grace Temple of Praise Childrens Choir

Single will be released soon on all digital Music retail stores find Paint With Words On Facebook also www.Ronyai.com

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