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‘I know that I’m not perfect, What’s deal? You said you wanted real, Told lies but I’m still worth it. You love the feel, say you here for the thrill’

Lockdown being over in London, UK, Rasstokyo surprises his fans with a banger tune ‘Thrill‘ alongside CGI visuals that will take you to another universe and rock the summery streets wherever you are in the world. Credits for the video goes for young, talented, creative Rufus Wilson, who had been eagerly waiting for an artists to collaborate with to bring his big visions to daylight. With a beat so catchy and lyrics so relatable, Thrill is perfect tune for the world that is seeking for positivity and good time.

More About Rasstokyo aka. Tokyo The Producer
Over the years, Rasstokyo’s developed his lyricism and sound as a producer. To date he’s released singles and an EP; including 2018’s collaborative project ‘The Joint Tape’ with close friend, fellow House Of Pharaohs members and Lash Vanegro; in addition to a slew of party-ready ear-worms, moody confessions, and bass-heavy bangers. Standouts include the hypnotically brazen ‘Swim;’ a catchy victory lap ‘PHAT;’ and the flute-laced, melodic ‘Finer Things,’ collectively reflect Tokyos ability to traverse sonic styles and show off inspiration from an array of influences: from Kid Cudi and Travis Scott to Coldplay and Adele.

Tokyo spends countless hours in the studio, perfecting a sound he calls “water music” — music with mutable energy that flows, changes and adapts itself like the trickle of a stream. As a producer he works quickly; in a matter of minutes Tokyo can make a beat that bangs, twists and turns as 808s pound under piano melodies. The result is production that surprises and delights while clever, cheekily honest rhymes entertain.