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Grammy-nominated Compton artist Problem releases a highly anticipated music video for his “Don’t Be Mad At Me Remix.” The visual, featuring heavyweights Snoop Dogg and Freddie Gibbs, follows the rappers as they school each other on how to treat their ladies. Filmed by director Mike Mirasco, the playful video showcases smooth lyrics, luxury cars, and Snoop’s signature hilarity.

Problem exclaims, “This might be my favorite video ever! The energy Freddie brought was phenomenal. Thank you King Snoop for letting us use his space to create like a real boss! Mike Mirasco is always dope. I love this fucking video.”

“Dont Be Mad At Me” has landed on major playlists, including Spotify’s Rap Caviar, Get Turnt, Cali Fire, Signed XOXO, and Apple Music’s The Plug, #GYMFLOW, Get Up And Go, The New L.A., and BARS. The lead single has also been climbing Viral 50 charts across the world, from the US to Australia to Finland. 

The remix is available now via Diamond Lane Music Group/Rostrum Records.