Inspired by “pop culture and obscene sh*t” Nefarious Cloud started making music while playing football and attending Quincy University. He eventually adopted the moniker, D.B. Cooper, after the infamous plane hijacker and followed in his footsteps and was later arrested for burglary. He decided not to let anything outside forces hinder his musical career and soon after created his brand, “Cooshit”. After a few more incidents and another attempt at school he ditched the D.B. Cooper name and was reborn as Nefarious Cloud, a name thought of in IDOC Boot Camp. “Already knew I wanted to be Cloud because I’m an Air sign,“ he says. “But, I accidently found “Nefarious” [while] looking up the Egyptian Queen, Queen Nefertiti in a dictionary.” The ever evolving sound of Nefarious Cloud is something to witness as he attempts to destroy all musical boundaries within a short amount of time.

His latest album is considered to be “Grunge Hop” a poly-genre of Hip Hop and metal, punk, and grunge. Follow the Springfield, IL artist and his clothing line, CooShit at and follow @NefariousCloud on instagram

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