Mackenzie Leighton reveals her new single « After All » on all platforms. After her first EP released in 2017 which Savage Thrills described as « what Indie Folk music had been waiting for, for decades », the frenchiest American musician is back with her tender voice and delicate yet vibrant guitar work. To her original indie folk universe, Mackenzie Leighton added some new instruments – a strong bass line and delicate percussions – paving the way for a dreamy and warm melody.

« I wrote After All before playing my first solo tour in Italy last October. In 2017, I moved my life from New York to Paris, and after spending 3 weeks back in the US, I returned to Paris realizing that it had really become my new home. The song explores this feeling of being more comfortable living abroad, the independence in being alone and not being tied to any expectations. At the end of the day, “to whom do we really belong- to ourselves, to the clocks, to the woman down the hall.” »

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