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Originally from Liverpool UK, Liv moved to Australia in 2008. Her music is a mix of Grime, Hip Hop, & Old School Hip Hop.

Her new single “This Virus Has Gone Viral” touches on the current events like the COVID19 pandemic and Trump’s tumultuous American presidency.

A state of emergency was declared because of coronavirus. So, what did this mean? Schools closed, “non-essential” businesses closed – since when wasn’t an eyebrow wax essential?

Our days were filled with art, worksheets, bike rides, cooking, breathing exercises, patience, alcohol and in-depth research into ‘fun activities to do at home’. I became Mister Maker overnight, turning boxes in to cruise ships and plates in to puppets. I also turned in to someone who thinks it’s ok to drink before midday!

The weeks felt like years. The oven had never been used so much, between baking homemade banana bread because for some reason I had this urge to do it (pre-Coronavirus – 0 Banana breads made) to kids baking, which is of course a joy to see. However, the real winner is the time it takes to mix ingredients, bake and then decorate! Hello, bed time feels closer!

I’ve been writing rap songs for many years. Recently, while in lockdown during Coronavirus, I was easily inspired to write, but this is the first time sharing it to friends, family and the public!

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