Struggling through a gritty young life spent in West Philly and then starting over in the Bay Area on a college basketball scholarship made Leeb Godchild the complex artist he is today–and on his newest single “L.D.L.H.” he’s not afraid to express the deep emotions he’s experiencedI been running through the rain can feel the pain down to my core/ I been trying spread the light but this shit much darker than before/ Youngin seeing so much hate, love don’t live here anymore…

Over feels-heavy production from KarnBeats, the baller-turned-rapper speaks out on why he never trusts anyone, especially when wealth is involved. In the simultaneously-released visual for “L.D.L.H.,” director BenMarc captures Leeb reflecting on the distance he’s forced to keep from those around him, while still enjoying the good life as he rides defiantly in his G-Class and climbs to the top floor to view the city skyline. Scenes of beautiful palm tree-lined streets reveal a life of luxury that someone is always looking for a way to take…and Godchild knows better than to ever let that happen.

Although Leeb Godchild has lived the life of an athlete, he’s got the soul of a creative. As he explained in a recent interview, “LDLH definitely expresses some real emotions and I would say that’s definitely true to who I am. I can choose when to show my emotions or not, but I’m big on energy. I let my energy be known either way.”

As he prepares to bring his second round of releases to the world after cementing his talent on freshman project Chasing Dead, it’s clear that Godchild is pushing his audience to not just listen to his music, but feel something from it as well. Peep the full visual and track above and keep up with this powerful artist here —> @leebgodchild 

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