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Rising Nashville rapper Kaby is thrilled to partner with his hometown publication, the alt-weekly Nashville Scene, to premiere the music video for his sensual and smooth “What It Do.” Directed by Kaby and Nix, Kaby takes you on a fantasy-like journey to where the beauty of mother nature can inspire, elevate and empower.

“In my 6-part music video series, this third edition shows where we were going – and it’s a place I’d like to stay. The video was edited during a 36-hour trip through Colorado, Wyoming, and up into Montana. I’d never been to this part of the country or even seen real mountains before. It was definitely an eye-opening experience that left me awe-struck and inspired.”

Kaby continues, “’What It Do’ is an ode to creation and feminine energy; the maternal feeling of bringing an idea to fruition. It’s the power in expression and a trip to an artist’s playground.”