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GRAMMY nominated Roots-Reggae crooner, Julian Marley releases new video to his self-written track, “Broken Sail,” off of his fourth and latestseventeen track album, AS I AM. 

The four minute and twenty-one second video was filmed in both Jamaica Port Royal and Lime Cay. In the lyrics, Julian compares his life and the current state of the world to being on a ship with a “Broken Sail” singing, “Like a ship with a broken sail – on a stormy day – many, many miles from shore. He continues, “Look how far we’ve come and still no liberty. Unity and love can eliminate poverty.”

“I wrote this track with hope for change,” says Julian. Continuing, “A sailboat is meant for sailing, yet with a broken sail or rough and stormy conditions those who are sailing are in danger. Such is life in the storms of segregation, starvation and despair still happening. Our world’s Broken Sail needs to be made right, we need a collective unification, in order for positive change to occur.”

The album, AS I AM is a follow up to his prestigious 2009 GRAMMY nominated album “Awake,” and was released by acclaimed label, Ghetto Youths International and Zojak World Wide. “As I Am” boasts renowned Artists and Producers, Julian Marley, Damian Marley and Stephen Marley, as well as Zojak World Wide Executive Producers – Aaron Mahifeldt and Zoe Espitia. The album features collaborations with successful GRAMMY award winning talents Shaggy and Beenie Man, among others. The instrumentals in AS I AM include key elements of Julian’s rich experiences in England, Jamaica and the U.S.
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