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Lyrical heavyweight John Jigg$ has unveiled the much-anticipated ‘Jigganometry 2’ album, a 12-track masterpiece that showcases his lyrical prowess. This project is loaded with stellar guest features, including appearances by The Bad Seed, Rockwelz, Nam Nitty, ENJOYTHEHITMAKER, Marquee, Ty Farris, Spoda, Nino 6leaux, Deandre Perryman, and Ethemadassassin. To bring this album to life, Jigg$ has enlisted a top-tier team of producers, including Shining 88, The Standouts, Swab, Nam Nitty, Kyo Itachi, ENJOYTHEHITMAKER, Big French, DJ Phantom, DJ Pocket, DJ Koost, and executive producer Brandon Reynolds.

As a tribute to his late mentor, the legendary Grand Daddy IU, John Jigg$ demonstrates his finely-honed ability to weave together intricate wordplay, compelling storytelling, and gritty lyricism throughout ‘Jigganometry 2.’ This sophomore release stands as a testament to his undeniable mastery of the craft, radiating a sense of lyrical superiority that’s bound to leave a lasting impression.

Watch “Cafe” below and listen to ‘Jigganometry 2’ on your favorite platform here: