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Former Disney Channel child star Adam Hicks released his debut single and music video as an independent hip-hop artist on Friday, Oct. 28th. “Chosen One” details Hicks’ struggle with addiction and mental illness which led to his highly publicized arrest in 2018, his time in Los Angeles County Jail, and his newfound sobriety and improved mental health. Written by Hicks himself, “Chosen One” is available on all streaming platforms.

“The song ‘Chosen One’ is about hitting rock bottom and knowing that years of coping with alcohol and neglecting my mental health finally caught up with me. Being on lockdown, realizing I had no one left to turn to, I decided that my late mother would want me to turn my life around and be someone — I became sober in jail, started medication, and understood I was one of the lucky ones who would see the light of day.”

The alternative hip-hop music video begins with a skit of Hicks’ sentencing to demonstrate how Hicks fired his lawyer to have the truth known about his case. After prison, Hicks bettered his life — focusing on his family, his sobriety, and his rebooted love for music. “Chosen One” is perfect for fans of J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, 03 Greedo, and King Von, artists who inspire the Las Vegas native’s music and songwriting. Watch here:

Rapper, actor, and songwriter Adam Hicks started battle-rapping at age ten and progressed into writing lyrical songs for Disney in his late teens, most notably “Determinate” from Lemonade Mouth’s soundtrack, a hit movie he starred in. After breaking away from Disney, Hicks fought a case and wrote dozens of new songs while incarcerated. His music expresses his life experiences and connects him with his supporters on a deeper level than before. Hicks is committed to using his platform to create change in the justice system and be an advocate for mental health.