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Koreatown EDM pioneers Far East Movement premiered a brand new music video for their irresistible dance track “Don’t Speak” off their cross cultural collaborative album Identity. Far East Movement co-produced the bass popping feel good anthem alongside Taiwanese DJ King Chain. The music video was directed by DPD of Transparent Agency and stars K-pop songstress Tiffany of Girls’ Generation amongst a troupe of mesmerizing fan wielding dancers.

Far East Movement explains, “We’ve always had mad love for Tiffany and Girls’ Generation and were really impressed with her versatile range as a solo artist. We wanted to share this with our audience who may not be aware of all the amazing talent in Asia. For the video, we decided to explore all the emotions an artist goes through before they need to really turn it on. And throughout it all we are paying homage to our roots and Identity album concept by flipping a modern version of the classic Far East influenced fan dance.”

Download “Don’t Speak” (Feat. Tiffany & King Chain) [amazon]