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Canadian artiste DFX, given name Vincent Kelly Sparks, sends a positive message to all youths with his new single and video Life’s Ruff. Capturing audiences with his conscious, lyrical choices and catchy hook, he seals the track with its bubbly reggae beat.

Raised in the vibrant Caribbean diaspora of Montreal’s small borough Little Burgundy, Life’s Ruff embodies the definition of what Canadian reggae is. Taking cues of both worlds and mastering his own unique sound, DFX has found a way to blend his hip-hop roots with his love for reggae music.

Initially written to uplift his family and friends after the murder of his nephew in February 2016, it was during his last trip to Jamaica where the local youth, friends and business associates fell in love with the song. This inspired DFX to shoot the video right then and there. Vibrant in colours, the video captures the beauty and simplicity of Jamaica’s everyday living. During his past visits, he has recorded songs like Juggling Hard featuring Gaza Nation’s Fada Bookie.

DFX is known back in Montreal for his work within the community and with the youth. He is an advocate for keeping youth active in their communities while providing the tools they need to stay off the streets. Before moving to Montreal, he witnessed the tragic murder of his mother. While grieving, he was placed into the system, living in a group home until he was able to be reconnected with his aunt back in Montreal. His experiences give him a voice and with four children of his own, he strives to be a role model for not only his children but for youth around the world.

Currently, he is working on several projects with his label and lifestyle brand, The Coalition Music Group, including his EP All or Nothing, expected to be released later this year.