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Oakland rapper Chippass debuts a brand new music video for his quick-witted, hard hitting single “Chippa$$.” Directed by Solid Shot Films, the dark and gritty visual reveals the young boss handling business while encouraging others to stay humble and respectful. The witty and personal narrative unfolds over a horror movie-style beat and is just a taste of what to expect from his Original Yangster 3 release available now via Sick Wid It Records.

“I wanna show the world and my fans that there is still originality out there. You don’t have to follow trends to be accepted, just be you and follow your plan and God’s plan!,” explains Chippass. “Having morals and respect is still cool if y’all forgot, stay humble but not blind, always know who you are and your worth. Respect yourself. Be real, but being real isn’t guns and going to jail. Being real is being yourself.”

Download the new album, “Original Yangster 3” below.