“This song describes the felling I got when I heard about my sister’s situation and the way people treated her after she was there for them.” – Bankhead

Donte “Bankhead” Bankhead was born in Gary, Indiana and recently moved to Atlanta to be a part of the big impact it has on music culture. He was inspired to become a music artist by the influences of 2 Pac, Scarface, Geto Boyz, Snoop Dogg, and a host of other musical other icons. Bankhead alongside of his brother, Dominiano “B.A.” McGee have been working on crafting their talents and making a big impact this summer. Bankhead released one project titled, “Business With Bank” with his counter-partner B.A. and also a few singles. Looking to make a push into mainstream he plans to drop his next single “Bennies” to give him a little more buzz and an even bigger following.

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