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Apehouse Mafia, now a part of the Penalty Ent & Sony RED family has released the official video to accompany their first single “Blessing” off their debut project “The Dawning”. Apehouse Mafia sets its sights on national recognition, something that hasn’t been done by a Tulsa music group since the Gap Band. This single and video release solidifies that Apehouse Mafia is well on its way to national super stardom.

The video , directed by Jeff Adair, brings life to the smooth lyrics Apehouse Stax and Hollywood P laid down for this record. Mason lends his sultry vocals to the song and kicks it up even more. As the first single, fans can expect quality music and visuals similar to this from Apehouse Mafia. Both artists offer their own perspectives and talent which translates exquisitely in this single.

Stax brings raw talent to the table with an effortless ability to put words together in every song he pens while Holywood P attacks every project with passion and authenticity. Together, these two artists have found a perfect blend of talent, grind and passion. If you watch the video and listen closely to the song, you can see each word play off the next. The scene you’ll play in your mind will be mirrored on screen.

Apehouse Mafia isn’t stopping with this single and video release. The duo will give the DJ’s of Tulsa Oklahoma an exclusive listen today at the Dj Luncheon, hosted by music executive, Quincy “Big Heff” Taylor. The single release party will be hosted in their hometown of Tulsa on April 29th at the Vault.  The group will kick off the month of May by heading to Dallas and come back through Lawton Oklahoma for the 1 year anniversary of Lawton Radio. Keep your eyes and ears open for more from Apehouse Mafia; they are on the move.

Find Apehouse Mafia on Social Media @apehousemusic