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1090 Jake has found a way to turn his tragedy into triumph through tell his real-life story of being incarcerated at the age of 18 with 19 Felony Charges. Blowing up through his End Of Sentence YouTube Channel, 1090 Jake has amassed over 300k Subscribers and over 50 Million views worldwide in less than two years. Known as a “six-figure felon,” 1090 Jake has found a way to become his own boss bringing in over 6 figures annually. 

Born in Malden, Massachusetts then raised in Tampa, Florida – 1090Jake was arrested in the Sulpher Springs neighborhood of North Tampa for carrying a concealed firearm. With the DA added additional charges, 1090 Jake with hit with a total of 19 Felonies, one of which was punishable by life in the State of Florida. Eventually, he would be convicted of 4 Felonies after a plea deal and sentenced to 36 months in Florida State Prison. 

On his channel End Of Sentence, 1090Jake relives his prison experience describing the gang wars, gladiator-like violence, and abuse by staff. Jake’s unfiltered approach to storytelling has captivated thousands and the viciousness behind his stories kept many hooked to his Youtube channel. 1090 Jake proudly displays a mugshot of himself at 19 years old with a fresh 7-inch slash down his face from when he was attacked with a razor.  Being the only photo that exists of him at the age 19 this image alone captures the reality of prison of what 1090 Jake went through to survive. Serving time in the Youth Offender prisons aged 14-24 he’d been slashed, stabbed, and had his head split with a brick in a canteen bag all within his first year, but the violence was never one-sided. In 1090 Jake’s first interview he de

scribes slashing the throat of a rival gang member in the same cell as his in confinement. Eventually being transferred to an adult prison after a massive gang transfer, 1090 Jake was able to earn his high school diploma only 2 weeks before his release. 

Moving back to Massachusetts, he had no choice but to start from the ground up – rebuilding his life in Boston. Struggling to find work, Jake was arrested again in July of 2016, exactly 1 year after his release for Armed Assault with intent to rob, and Assault with a firearm. 1090 Jake would find himself on probation for the next 2 1/2 years, and in May of 2019, he took a leap of faith and started his YouTube Channel without any idea of exactly how many people would relate to his life story. 1090 Jake has used his platform to not only share his story but also the story of others he’s met inside of prison, both dead and alive – giving a voice to those who can’t be heard. Applying a convict’s way of researching court paperwork, he has adapted to a style of narrating while covering criminal cases in the Hip Hop community and major crime cases around the country, not only diversifying his content but showing his progression as a content creator. With the craziness of 2021, it doesn’t seem 1090 Jake will be lacking in content anytime soon, and we look forward to what’s to come.

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