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Rapper/Producer Josh Stone Drops “Get Gone”

RoyalHeirTV Nov 07

New York-born and L.A. living emcee and producer Josh Stone says he’s preaching patience on latest release “Get Gone” featuring Swiv, but the message is clear: Get Gone, Get GROWN. Don’t let the fun-loving visual style of the video fool you…Josh Stone pulls no punches while expressing his frustration with groupies who have boyfriends but still get it in because of fame, and fake homies that smoke all his weed.

Josh Stone starts “Get Gone” with lyrical details of freaky exploits and colorful visuals from director Erica D. Hayes. The scenes of Stone and Swiv flirting playfully (including some cameos from a cloned and body-less Josh Stone) are juxtaposed over a menacing beat and a hook that shares their impatience with immaturity. As Stone explains,

“Get Gone” is the third drop from Josh Stone’s own imprint, Real Vibez Only, an independent label that he founded himself to reshape what he sees as a troubled music landscape. With production that has a reputation of turning heads among some of the greatest in the industry and Josh Stone’s trademark IDGAF energy, “Get Gone” delivers more of the real vibez his fans are hungry for.

Keep up with Josh Stone on Instagram here —> @iamjoshstone

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