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Jake Paul – “Park South Freestyle” ft. Mike Tyson

Online megastar, athlete, rapper, platinum co-producer, and self-proclaimed “problem child,” Jake Paul does it all. Whether unintentionally or strategic, his penchant for going against the grain continues to land him in the spotlight for a lot of notable, and not so favorable reasons. But Paul is not one to shy away from the controversy. In fact, his ability to turn any situation into a win is what makes him so intriguing.
Paul’s upcoming match against NBA star Nate Robinson (airing on Triller) will be one of his biggest efforts to date— and will not only be one of the biggest nights for entertainment, but also for Paul. The event is headlined by Mike Tyson and Roy Jones, and will feature one of Paul’s favorite childhood artists, Lil Wayne.
Paul says, “Boxing has helped save me from self-destruction and from going crazy. It’s kept me on track, focused.”
Whether it’s taking shots at his brother Paul Logan, going pound for pound on the mic or in the ring, Paul is making his mark as a heavy hitter. As a fighter, he’s all heart. And his singles, “Straight Outta London” and upcoming release, “Park South” anchor his presence as an artist. Backed by all of the necessary rap accessories, “Park South” delivers all of the sauce Jake Paul is known for. Though in and out of what some might see as ‘trouble,’ the rumbling of critics only fuels his flames.
It’s an undisputed fact however — Paul’s got talent. More than simply monetizing from the content wave, he created the model for it and has proven his value. Love him or hate him, he’s what the culture wants. And he’s unbothered by twisty headlines that seek to weaponize his intentions. Paul is evolving, creating. And unlike so many personalities who sizzle and fizzle out, Paul’s knack for recognizing when it’s time to move on is what keeps him so relevant.


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